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2015 armada sounded like a blown tire

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We had just picked up our trailer from winter storage, had stopped at a stop sign snd as soon as we pulled away it sounded like we had blown a tire. We pulled over and walked around and everything appeared just fine. We started the car and this started rattling SO bad!!! So it must have been something with that that blew...any thoughts?


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It kicks on and off like normal. It's just really loud when it does happen. We were able to figure out last night what the part is. So at this point we are trying to figure out if it's fixable or if we will need to replace the whole compressor
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The noise that sounded like we blew a tire is what most worries us...there was a pop sound and then a sound like air coming out of something. Did we pop an air bag? Or could it be a hose that the air was coming out of? It still kicks on like it should and kicks off so I am assuming it "comes to pressure".
1 - 3 of 8 Posts