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Sorry guys if this is a repeat thread. I can't seem to find the first one....

Anyway, just wanting to let everyone know that we will be doing the Nation Wide Nissan Meet in Las Vegas again this year. The dates are: May 1-3.

There are going to be a few changes this year. This year we are not going to be doing sponsors so the focus is going to be more on meeting old friends again and meeting new ones. We'll be running along the same schedule as last year and it'll be a BLAST!

We'll be having even more diversity (in terms of different Nissan models) than last year and we MAAAYYBBBEEEE able to get the new Nissan Titan XD to make an appearance. All Nissan and Nissan related (Datsun, Infinity) vehicles are welcome. Also feel free to make a vacation out of it and bring the whole family.

Here is a link to last year's thread:
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