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2015 QX80 Rear hatch struggles to close

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Hi - I am having issues with the power rear hatch struggling to close. It opens just fine. When closing, it seems like the first 2/3 of the way are fine, but the last third party a awkward. Also, it seems like if I close it several times in a row, the subsequent closings are more smooth with less/no struggle. Replaced the struts - that wasn’t the issue.

Any suggestions?

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struts could be misaligned in the door. open the door up and see if they wiggle or feel loose. motor could also be getting weak.
Thanks. Replaced the struts but same issue. Would it make sense to lube the motor or gears?
without seeing the issue its difficult to wager a guess online. maybe the motor is loose inside or is faulty? maybe something like debris is inside causing the issue?
Understand. Are you familiar with a guide or video on how to remove the trim around the rear hatch motor?
you can grab the service/factory manual off the internet.
Follow up question - if I replace the lift gate motor (part no. 90560-1V81A, 427110-10610), can I do it myself, or does it need any involvement/reprogramming from the dealer? I linked some picture of the part I need in case that helps. Thanks



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