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Hello all,

I got this 2018 Armada used with 39k miles back in Dec 2019, and had nothing but issues since then.
1- Got a issue with the brake sensor that made the SUV shake and stop while drive then would not start and after while started but it really struggle. Dealer replaced the sensor and issue was gone. (March 2020)
2- SUV would not start very similar to when issue #1 except to the sudden stop and rattle, but noticed a cracking noise and struggle to start. Dealer said as the battery, so I had it replaced and issue was gone for a few weeks.(June 2020)
3- Now every once in a while SUV struggles to start and makes this loud cracking noise and it seems that it is getting worst.
Anyone have the same issue? clearly the dealer has not completely figured out this issue and every time I take it there, they say they can not reproduce the issue even though it happened as soon as they start the vehicle at the service dept.
Please let know know any recommendations or solutions for this.
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