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2nd Quarter Auto Sales Report

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Ward's AutoWorld posted 2nd Quarter sales figures:
% change from last year
DC +3.2%
Ford -1.0%
GM -3.5%
Honda -3.1%
Nissan +20.6%
Toyota +6.7%
other -0.9%
To say the numbers are impressive is a gross understatement. I see I am not alone when I bought my first Nissan. The second most noticeable number to me is HONDA!
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I believe Nissan's top dog Carlos Ghosn is the reason. He has been very bold in his efforts. I read a book called "The End of Detroit", a very good read if you're interested in the industry, and they go into a lot of the stuff he's done. I talked with the finance guy at the dealer that we bought from and his quote was "he's got big kahunas".

He's winning the Automobile hall of fame award:

Hondas are good, I owned one. My problem is they don't have anything tow-worthy yet (read:V-8) or a car exciting enough for me to desire.

I'm thinking of the G35 to replace my Maxima when it's time. Now that's style!
Wow, that's impressive! 20%!

No doubt GM would like to have those numbers right now. I guess the lesson is, make bland vehicles, sell fewer of them.
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