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3 days old and already going in for service

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Wife called PISSED this morning. Driving to work she hears a POP. then no radio, cd, nav voice, nothing. Only thing is the nav seems to be working. Can't get CD's out of the player, buttons for radio, aux, cd do nothing. I'm going to take a look, hopefully just a simple fuse. But if it isn't I have an appointment at 2.

If it stays there I am going to demand they give me a loaner. This is not what I expected from Nissan, I could have went domestic for this ****.

Called my sales guy and he seems to want to help.

At least this isn't like the jet ski dealer.
me "hello I need to bring my ski in. I bought this less then 3 months ago and the display is out"
them "we can fit you in two weeks from now"
me "What the @$&*!!!! :machinegu "
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Understand your frustration at Nissan and I sympathize with the added pressure from the wife. On both the truck and a Volvo that we bought, nothing compared to her 95 Honda that NEVER went into the dealership in over 130k of driving. It's a hard pill to swallow that a vehicle costing three times that isn't of comparable initial build quality.

Way to stick to your guns and get the service folks to fix the problem sooner rather than later. Maybe at least gain some credibility back with the wife.
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