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6000k vs. 8000k

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Okay, I am getting ready to buy an HID kit for the Armada and was wondering which kit I should go with? After reading reviews and product descriptions I am still unsure on which way to go. Anyone out there that has these kits,can you please describe the output and color on them?

I have also been shopping on Ebay and numerous sites on which brand to buy. Have found price ranges from $220 to $400. Are their big differences between these brands? Should I stay away from cheaper kits found on Ebay. What brand kit would you recommend or stay away from. Any help would be greatly appreciated w/ making my decision!!! Thanks in advance. :urthebest
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4300-4500 gives the whitest, most usable light. As you go higher the light turns blue, then purple. Some people like the higher numbers because they want the look.
Yes, most of those kits are made in "china", and the components are not the best quality. Not all of them, but most.

We do have an awesome kit that more than a few on here have from us. It's a great quality, 100% Japan made, and we stand behind it.

Just did another truck with hids. 2005 4runner, comes with same 9006 as the Armada kit we sell.

This customer had the brightest silverstar bulbs already in there, and these pics show just how much brighter cleaner these hid's are.

More pics on the site and good write-up here on COLOR TEMPS.
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Search for a post i made on my 6500k i installed.

very happy with them so far, and night time driving is much improved. :)
Which brand did you go with...and where did you buy them? Price?
Got them from a buddy of mine, new, for 250 shipped!
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