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6537miles trip update

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Just got back from my trip to the east coast, the beast performed superbly ( did I spell it right?), shame on me, yes, shame on me I did not install the ECO-3 before departing, I know this would have saved me some $$$$, but I averaged 14-15 miles per gallon, b/c I was doing 10 % city and 90% highway @ the speed limit at $2.89 per gallon average, still did not add the $$$$$$$, b/c I will faint:( , sooner or later I will get the $$$ amount, I kept all reciepts except for one flew away when my wife opened the window @ 80mph. Anyway, the best part was the bug sheild, yes the bug sheild, it kept my windsheild somewhat clean. the kids where very comfortable, and the beast was performing at its best:cool:, no traffic tickets, but I got a warning ticket for speeding in Texas, I guess I was lucky this time, b/c usaually they have no mercy, I have too tickets in texas in 2000 going to Florida and on the way back.
Its good to be back though:cool:
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$1037.69 total gas reciepts w/out the missing one, and the only concern for me was, that I drove to Virginia, 2610miles w/out the radiator resevoir cap on.
SCR, I kept an eye on the fluid level all the way back, it was ok, and the heater is working fine, thanks for the tip.:cool:
Don't worry about making it, b/c you will, and just a small tip, those rest areas are life savers.:cool:
BlakSpyda said:
Made it up in one day 19 Hours total. It probabbly would have taken me less time to get there but it took 3 hours to get through Chicago's construction and traffic. I'll never go that way again! Coming back took 19 hours without going through Chicago.

The bottom line is the trip was very comfortable. I averaged about 15/16 MPG traveling at 75-80 most of the way with the occasional 90-100. If I had left the 90-100 out I probably would have had better mileage!:thumbup:

Oh yeah, I added the bug deflector just before I left. It did quite well for keeping the windshield clean... Until it got dark in Wisconsin and Mimnnesota. They got the biggest Kamakazi bugs ever. The deflector still helped. The front of the truck was covered but the windshiled had minimum bug splat!
Glad to know the trip is very comfortable b/c I have 9 and 11 years old, they felt very comfortable all the way, and yeah, the bug deflector is great, it's like a miracle.:cool:
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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