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6537miles trip update

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Just got back from my trip to the east coast, the beast performed superbly ( did I spell it right?), shame on me, yes, shame on me I did not install the ECO-3 before departing, I know this would have saved me some $$$$, but I averaged 14-15 miles per gallon, b/c I was doing 10 % city and 90% highway @ the speed limit at $2.89 per gallon average, still did not add the $$$$$$$, b/c I will faint:( , sooner or later I will get the $$$ amount, I kept all reciepts except for one flew away when my wife opened the window @ 80mph. Anyway, the best part was the bug sheild, yes the bug sheild, it kept my windsheild somewhat clean. the kids where very comfortable, and the beast was performing at its best:cool:, no traffic tickets, but I got a warning ticket for speeding in Texas, I guess I was lucky this time, b/c usaually they have no mercy, I have too tickets in texas in 2000 going to Florida and on the way back.
Its good to be back though:cool:
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That's a heck of a trip. Im planning on driving from Texas to Arizona in July. Although I have no doubts about the Armada making the trip, im worried about me making it.(wife and two daughters 6&1 years old)
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