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A/C Suction Hose Replacement 2008 Mada

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Hello all. Getting ready to replace suction hose. I see leak where aluminum meets the rubber area near charging port. AC cools, but not nearly as cold as it should. I have been refiling freon at beginning of summer for last couple years but about time to just replace hose.

Is there a how to video, write up someone can refer me to, specifically when i disconnect hose, i'm sure i will loose whatever freon is in there. But after i replace, do i just do a vacuum, then refill freon? Anyhting else i need to pay attention to? Any info, suggestion appreciated. Thanks
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Sounds like you've got it covered. Definitely vacuum to remove any residual moisture and air in the system before recharging with freon. I personally have never done any A/C related repairs; had a friend's shop take care of that for me when my 04 developed a leak back in the day. You may want to test the A/C system for leaks just to rule that out too.
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I would do the leak test with dye. My 2008 must have leaked back in the day by the rear passenger side underneath by the frame. a known issue and a pain to repair. I was wondering why I could not get the rear to blow cold. the previous owners capped off the rear lines before the bad area which allowed the front to still pressurize. so when doing the leak testing with the dye, I would check in that area along the frame. there's info about it on this site.
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What i am a bit perplexed about is if there is freon inside still, and it isn't much, by taking suction hose off, it would obviously escape, but what about oil? Do i need to add oil or the freon cans already have it?
I am guessing here, but I think you only have to add the oil if you do a compressor replacement, and even then it might be already in the compressor. I just checked a can, and it is one with "stop leak". And it says it contains ."3 oz of oil with stop leak". So I am not sure if the stop leak is dependent on the oil and that is why its in there. I don't have a regular can to check at the moment.
You are right thanks. I searched and even after pulling vacuum, the vacuuming does noit pull oil so no oil needs to be added usually.

I vacuum. It held. I charged freon with gauges cinnected. Took three cans of freon, the net 12 Oz from autozone; which equal to the called amount 2.38lbs since I have rear ac too. After charging and ac in full blast, high side reading around 250 psi and low side around 40. Blowing cold air. I turned car off and let everything settle. Now high side at 100 and low side at 100. I left gouges connected and will wait longer see what happens with gouges. What am I looking for to k now everything is coshere?
should be ok since you had an idea where the leak was. Generally when you pull the vacuum, you let it sit to see if the vacuum decreases. I would monitor the resting pressures and see what happens.
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