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I just got my 2005 Armada with GPS and sunroof. I want to put two TV’s in the back. Does anyone have pictures of this? I’m wondering about the ones that attach to the headliner. Will the sunroof interfere with this? Will the TV’s been too heavy and pull the headliner down since the sunroof goes in-between the roof and the head liner?

Here is a site that I found that has two 7” TVs in replacement headrests. They look good in the pictures but has anyone tied them (I have black Leather).

I saw the Blaupunk TV set up in the middle which looks awesome and stock for cheap. But my wife would like to do two because of two tax deductions.

I also plan on changing my GPS to a monitor via the switcher thing for $150 bucks.

I do have a hacked Xbox but I’m confused how I can get a feed to the rear TV’s when I have them installed. I will also plan on installing a TV tunner at the same time.

Thanks in advance for your help. I will be doing the install on all of this at the same time so I need to do the research all at once.
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