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AAAAAAAAH!!!!Nissan in Folsom, CA screwed me!!!!

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So I paid $1800 at the point of sale for the premium maintanance package. Whch basically covered me for the next 5/6 years/75000 miles. Well I go to take my 05 mada to the dealership yesterday and find out that he apparently entered the wrong code and put me under the maintanance 2 package which is the base level out of the three :eek: (premium/level 1/level 2). I was only covered for an oil and filter change, and a tire rotation, not even a balance. I was heated. A damn oil change runs about $27. you figure 4-5 times a year multiplied by 5 years=$675. I paid $1800 for oil changes :censor: . Yeah, I called my finance manager who relocated to the dealership next to nissan which is Chrysler. He tried telling me that the code he entered was the only one he knew about. Which isnt a bad thing except he was selling it as the top of the line package. So I got this huge mess that I'm dealing with and I talked to one of the other finance managers cause the Director was in a meeting. He sd they would work on it since Dave went on vacation for the next few days. Man I lost out of this tune up but hopew this gets resolved by the time my next scheduled maintance comes around. Anyone run into this issue and how was it handled? Little do they know is that I was in there a month ago looking to purchase another car from them casue my wife thrashed my acura.
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I'd never bu ya maintenance plan on this car. The maintenance is pretty cheap and you really only deal with oil changes until it's first tune-up, which I think is near 100k. Now, on my BMW M3, where an inspection 1 can cost $1000, the maintenance plan was a steal at $1295!

See if you can get your money back!
I canceled the Maintenance package on my Pathfinder after 6 months (not used first oil change was coverd by dealer anyway) I got a full refund. Just tell them you want to cancel it and it won't matter "what code they put in". They give back your money by check in a week or so and you are happy.
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