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AC Controls - swap question

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So I was wondering if when you swap AC controls if you have to get them programmed for the vehicle? I have an Audi and it seems everything you swap out you have to "adapt" it using their Audi software, and this is my first time working on the electronics on the Q. Don't laugh, but I wanted to see if the dual zone AC controls off a Pathfinder/Armada with the lcd would work on the Q instead of using the Bose Nav screen. Anyone know if that has been attempted, or if cluster electronics require programming to work in a new truck?
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what model years are you talking about?
2005 Pathfinder AC control into a 2004 QX56. There are 3 wiring connectors on the back of both the switches, and they are the same. All the buttons are the same, dual zone. Only difference I see is an LCD on the Pathfinder unit (Part# 27500-EA51A).

I can answer this question now. I neglected to see that while the knobs and the control unit look the same, and connect to the wiring the same, they switched the functions of each knob slightly between the Q and the P so they aren't compatible.
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