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A/C problem

I also experienced this problem when we took a trip that was about 200mi. We first noticed that it started blowing cool (instead of cold) air. We tried messing with controls (turning A/C off, back on, various settings) - it would not blow cold air --even with the A/C indicator on.

After maybe about 15-20 minutes the A/C then "kicked-in" and began blowing cold air. This repeated one more time during the trip, and then again on the way back.

We took it into the dealer a few weeks ago and mentioned the problem, and brought a printout of this forum with us. They ran diagnostics and nothing came back and even checked by running the pathfinder for about an hour and half with no problems reported.

We recently took it on the same trip and had no A/C problems. I wonder if this problem only happens when the outside temperature is > 95 degrees F? Outside temperature is the only difference between the first and second trip that i can think of (15 degrees cooler).

I guess we'll have to wait till next year to see how many other folks have this problem (if at all).
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