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gsp8s said:
I took my Armada in for an oil change and to address a vibrating wheel when applying the brakes and they have had it a week for a problem that they discovered where it will not get any power and will not respond when the accelerator is pushed. They say that they were backing it out of the shop and all of a sudden it just would not move. They replaced the accelerator chip thinking that this was the problem but it continues to have the same problem. They have checked the transmission and it is ok and now they are scratching their heads as to what it could be. According to them the truck cranks and runs fine but its as if the accelerator is not pushed at all when its put into any gear. The RPM's do not move or anything. They have had it hooked up to a computer running all kinds of diagnostic tests with no success.
Has anyone heard of or experienced such a problem with the Armada? Anyone have any clues as to what the problem could be?

I had something happen the other day that sounds like the problem. I had someone stop in front of me without warning. I applied the brake and I then accelerated at the same time and it was like the accelerator pedal was disconnected because there was no reaction. I could not figure out what I did so at about forty I pressed on the brake and gave it some gas and I duplicated what I had done. Maybe it is like a safety built in to the computer. I hope this experience helps in your problem.
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