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Alright so I know I'm probably going to get some flack for this but before you judge everything I did was under $250 & is all completely reversible. After doing my wheels black it bored me, everything looked sooo black and bla. I know lots of people like the blacked out look but it just bored me. So I decided to add a splash of color. I was up in the air about the color . It was going to be either green or eletric blue. I've always liked green on black so that's what I went with but I can easily change to blue down the road. My husband and I did the hood wrap together. I paid a little extra for the wrap with the air release and that was definitely a life saver for us since we have never done any sort of wrap before. I also installed the rim blades and interior trim myself. I have gotten many compliments since I did all of this but I am curious what my fellow Armada owners think ?
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