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Added more Usb's to my QX80.

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The new ones have 2 usb's where my front airbag light is, I wanted more and I didnt want an adapter sticking out. So, I replaced the cigarette lighter in the cup holder area with a 2 plug, 3 amp quick charge capable outlet. Instructions below.

Step 1
Pull up on the corners by the center console. I pulled from each side separately. Pops off easy. Pointing to drivers side. You do not need to remove the shifter.

Step 2
Unplug harness. Yes there is a release on the big plug. The smaller one I removed later after removing the metal part.

Step 3
Push inward on 2 tabs inside the cigarette lighter. No it won't shock you if the car is off. Yes, you'll have to push up from below. Yes, it will be stiff. I used a towel to protect my "pushing" hand.

Step 4
Unplug plug the small plug attached to this plastic piece that is left. Yes it will make breaking noises, that's ok.
Then push out the piece. Yes, it does fit.

Step 5
Enlarge the hole slightly. I used a dremel.


Step 6
Cut off the factory plug. Black is ground, green is positive. Connect and enjoy!
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Great mod CanyonQX80, form and 100% function. I did the same after seeing your post.

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Cool! I'm so glad to see it found a use.
I just ran across this thread because I linked it to another Infiniti related forum. I gotta bump this one up for any current Z62s and Y62s that have this center console. One of the best interior mods to date. Easy to switch out too because I ended up with swapping out the dual USBs for a USB C and 3.0 USB.
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