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Adjmcloon promoted to Moderator!

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Congratulations to Adjmcloon for becoming a moderator at ClubArmada. He spends a good deal of time hear helping others out. It seems only natural that he should be given this position. I'm sure it will not be a hard job here because we have such great members. Between Adjmcloon, llajumpvid and myself I think we should be able to take care of things pretty well for right now. I do have my eye on another member and will talk to him today to see if he is interested in a moderators position here. He is someone that I have a lot of respect for and is helpfull on both this site and ClubTitan. If he accepts I will let you all know.
Again congratulations Adjmcloon.
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Thanks Mack,

I'm happy to be here and happy to help! If anyone needs anything, feel free to email or post.

Please help spread the word about tell your friends, tell other Armada owners- and let's get some more traffic on the site.

Where's the ticket?

Where's my plane ticket? 1st class please. :)

What's up with it now- still rattling?
Congrats on your new promotion :)


Note all the moderators are from Texas :chainsaw: ..well except m4ck but we can't hold that against him as he brings us this site :schla24:....I'm diggin these new emotion icons :2cool:

congra... adjmcloon :machinegu ..

I haven't tried any of the fixes yet :) When it gets warmer I shall!
Let's not forget the East Coast mod (the original) who is still active around these parts!!!! :)

No doubt! Hey, I share some east coast with you- I lived in Connecticut for quite a few years. :)
adjmcloon said:
No doubt! Hey, I share some east coast with you- I lived in Connecticut for quite a few years. :) were smart enought to head for a warmer climate!!

Yeah, I do like it better here for the weather. New England was very nice though- I loved it there. Lots to do, and everything was so much closer!

Texas is cool though- Houston is a great city. Where are you located eightman?
I'm in Columbia, Maryland - about 20 min south of Baltimore, 25 min north of DC. I've never really been to TX - need to visit one of these days -- been through the airport in Dallas a couple of times, the hospital in Dallas once...with food poisoning...I was making my connection flight there...and driven through the panhandle once... That's the extent of it. I'd like to visit Austin especially - check out the music scene. My biggest gripe about living here isn't the weather - it's the amt of people that live in the same place!! It's ridiculous!!

Austin and Houston both have unbelievable live music scenes. Austin is way prettier, though.

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