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Adjusting Brights???

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I recently installed Silverstars for my highs,lows and fogs. Install went well but it seemed my right low light was pointed up higher than my left. So I turned the screw on top of the left bulb and I was able to adjust it to match the right. Problem fixed...right. when I turn on my HIGHS the left light is now a 1/2 foot higher then the right. My question is...Is there a way to adjust the highs apart from the lows?
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The low beam on the right always shines a little higher that the left side. This is true for almost all the vehicles in US (left hand drive). The purpose is to let the driver see any object better on side of the road.
You probably noticed this because the Silverstar is much more brighter than the stock bulbs.

Hope this helps.

Cheers !!!
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