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Advance Timing

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I've done pretty much everything I can afford to do to my Armada to increase the performance. I really want to advance the timing 2 degrees. If anyone out there has done this and can give me details on exactly what I need to ask for when going to my mechanic, I'd really appreciate it. I think my Nissan dealership would not do this for me..they are a bit uptight. Thanks!
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The Consult is necessary to advance the timing. It is unlikely that your mechanic will have one. Very few Consults are found outside a dealer; they cost $6,000.
There is one OBD software that can do the advance; it is UpRev and cost $400. The procedure for the advance using the Consult is:

Warm up vehicle.
On CONSULT 2 screen choose ENGINE
After communication with Convertor will display a bunch of choices.
See more choices, press TARGET IGN TIMING
Press UP x2 for 2 degrees, correction which you should be able to see.
Now press BACK
On the menu screen find IDLE AIR VOL LEARN.
Press, and perform to correct your idle since you just raised it 75rpm with timing advance.
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Thanks for the reply. I read a good bit on the UpRev and I ordered it last night. I'll be up all night this weekend playing around with it I am sure. Wouldn't have it any other way.
If you have any questions on the Cipher just head over to and ask RBsTitan. He's been playing with it for a long time.

I got it today. I already bumped the timing 2 degrees. I took out the 'Mada and turned off the traction control. Insane!!! I cannot believe how much more responsive it is now. I am really pleased. Software install was easy and the cable instantly recognized the truck. The diagnostics are really cool too. I think it is worth the money, but I wish it would have come with a built in help manual and for $400 at least give me a sticker to throw on my toolbox.
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