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EightmanVT said:
I'm also interested in why we see that anomaly in the region between 2950 and 3150 rpms?? That seems odd to have a drop in hp and torque like that?? Any experts here that can offer an explanation to this??? This doesn't seem like a good thing.
I am the engineer responsible for designing this kit. As for that dip early in the curve, there is a simple explanation. The Titan dyno'ed had, of course, an automatic transmission. ATs can cause some problems at the begining of a dyno run. Before the run, the throttle is closed, as soon as the run starts, the throttle is punched and sometimes the torque converter slips or locks at the begining of the run. This causes inconsistencies in the begining of the dyno chart. That is what happened when the AEM intake was dyno'ed. I have driven the Titan with the intake installed, and believe me, you have not lost any low end power with it installed. Ask morpheus if you don't believe me. I would have prefered to dyno a manual Titan, but those don't exist. An MT offers more consistant dyno charts.

Hope this helps.

Thanks guys!!!
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