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Aftermarket DVD audio connection choices

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I have been getting alot of question here lately on how to wire the dvd up. (they must be selling a lot of Mada's lately). Anyway I don't mind answering the questions but hopefully this will help answer the reoccuring questions I've been getting lately.

When you are considering how to hook up your systems audio I suggest the following:

1. Does your vehicle have the pre-wired sub harness for the factory DVD? It takes all of 2 minutes to determine if it does or not. Put on the parking brake, turn on the key and shift into neutral, remove the shift knob, and pull up on the console peice around the shifter from the back end and remove it. Under the front edge of the dash directly in front of the shifter should be a thin metal bar with two plastic rivets sticking out. These rivets hold the harness. If they aren't there you don't have the harness. I have a photo of the harness in my "how to" that is linked in my signature. If it's there follow the direction in my instructions, or if you are good with wires add the wires to the harness behind the HU.

2. If you don't have the harness consider hooking into the AUX jack. The audio doesn't go to the rear controls but will allow good audio quality over the cabin speakers. And to get audio to headphones in the back just buy a monitor that has a built in transmitter. The M&D monitors that people have been getting lately have this. This will work just fine, but you will need to put a piece of tape over the IR factory transmitter or the factory IR and monitor’s transmitters will interfere. The only thing you loose by doing it this way is that you are not going through the factory controls so only the audio out of the dvd player that can be heard over the headphones. But how often would the rear passengers want to listen to anything else over the headphones but the DVD? If they want to listen to CD while you listen to the radio put the CD in the DVD player. If the monitor you have or want doesn't have a built in transmitter you can buy an IR systems separately. Consider getting a RF (radio frequency) if you go that route. It will give you more range and can be heard in the front which makes things easier when trying to figure out if things are playing for the 3 year old in the back when you can't see the screen.

3. If you don't have a satellite system hooked up (XM, Sirius etc), PAC makes an auxiliary input adapter that hooks into the SAT input creating two AUX inputs. Its called AAI-NIS. Should you need to hook several audio input devices up this may be an option.

4. Use a RF modulator. The audio quality will suffer but consider how often you will be listening over the cabin speakers to it. It won't have an impact on the audio going to the headphones. Most shops want to go this route because it's a very easy install (plus another piece of hardware to sell you).

If you use the AUX or the factory DVD input on the HU you’ll likely need a line level amp. I have a link in my “how to” for that as well.

Hope this helps answer some questions, otherwise feel free to ask away. :noworries
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i own a 2008 se you by any chance know if your procedures you have listed here would be the same for 2008 model in detecting if it has a dvd hook up? all 2008 models comes with a screen in the front but i want to get a monitor and headrest if possible
I haven't seen a diagram for it but BBF and others have stated in some other threads it looks like they went CAN on the connections. If they did we are pretty much sol. Volvo has the CAN on its XC90 and when I was looking at buying one no one had cracked the system in the 3-4 years it has been that way including some of the major players in the A/V aftermarket industry
thanks for your reply. greatly appreciated

What do u think bout this?

I asked the guy and he said itll work with my vehicle... I have an 08 LE Armada Without nav but with the backup camera...

How would u go about gettin the audio to work...he says it only works for the video
I'd go through the aux for audio. You might check with Sam at I trust this guy greatly. He'll tell you straight up if it will work or not. I'm pretty sure the ebay thing will work though. Sam has a budget version that I think is about the same price and options. You won't find a better customer service person than Sam.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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