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Those $12 ebay bulbs that are all over are pretty much worthless. The Sylvania Silverstar bulbs avail at Autozone, wally's and everywhere are excellent halogen bulbs. I use them in my brights and fogs. I put in Hella HID conversions in the Armada. They are whiter and of adequate brightness. They are not as good as most OEM HID because they don't use projectors to really focus the light in a good pattern. I did the conversion after noticing that the QX56 uses the same basic configuration as the Armada; although with a small plate under the light, presumably to cut down on scatter. I got mine at a place that's gone out of business... so I can't help you with a source. Hidonline was an option, but they were more expensive.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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