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Rumplecat said:
I was looking to put a perfrormace air filter on my mada but I was wondering what I should go with? Do they help out fuel economy any? Any help is appreciated.
in my honest opinion, an aftermarket filter is bad news. If you think about it. if you are letting more air pass through the filter - less restrictive - then you are filtering less particles. The amount of performance increase is not worth the potential problems. I used to swear by K+N but after much research, i stick with puralator. Fram is garbage - look it up. :talk2much Everyone should note, whether they agree with me or not, that you must remove the airfilter cover from the intake tube when you change the filter, not just open the clips. if you do filter change incorrectly, the filter will not seal and you will suck unfiltered air into your engine - path of least resistance.
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