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FL_Crushin said:
That is a valid point, but I guess it's like choosing synthetic or regular oil. My dad ran his Datsun 510 for over 300K miles with regular oil. The NJ road salt rusted it out before the engine broke down. I guess what I'm saying is that either way it doesn't make a whole lot of difference. But sure, if you want to ensure you have the cleanest environment for your engine, go with the regular pleated filter. So what kind of air filter do you have in your house. I hope its the high efficiency pleated filter. I would hate for your car to outlast your health.
Again another good point. For the most part I would say that most mass produced engines are designed for durabilty vice perfomance. For example I've seen where some reputable companies like to run there engines at full throttle for 24hrs or even longer just test to the strength of design. Grant it the engines scrafice weight, performance, an efficency for this trait but when you can honestly say you won't need a tune up for 100k it makes a great selling point. :2cool:
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