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Air pressure sensors for After Market rims

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I'm getting ready to purchase some 22's for my 06 and kept reading about the pressure sensor. 1st where can I get those sensors and 2nd are they easy to pull off from the stocks to reuse on the 22's? The place i'm getting the rims from are a mom and pop shop and are a ilttle iffy about them trying to pull them off my stocks and damaging them even though they say they can.
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It might help to start searching for TPMS dealers from the manufacturer's website. Our Armadas use Schrader TPMS, here's the URL:
I just swapped my stock wheels for 22s but decided not to transfer over the sensors from the stock wheels. I've made it a habit to always do a walk around on my vehicle prior to driving it, especially during long trips. For some reason, I cannot put my full trust in the monitoring system. I'd rather confirm using my own eyes and a trusty pressure guage. =P Just my preference though ofcourse.
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