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Air pressure sensors for After Market rims

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I'm getting ready to purchase some 22's for my 06 and kept reading about the pressure sensor. 1st where can I get those sensors and 2nd are they easy to pull off from the stocks to reuse on the 22's? The place i'm getting the rims from are a mom and pop shop and are a ilttle iffy about them trying to pull them off my stocks and damaging them even though they say they can.
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Campfamily said:
The truck only reads the sensors that it is programmed to read. If you change the sensors, you will need to have the system reprogrammed at the dealer (tire shop can't do it for you).

You know I am kicking myself right now.:damn:

I bought my 22s and did not think of the sensors. Now my tire warning light is on and I have no idea what I should do. There is nothing wrong with the tires or the pressure. I have been riding around for a week and then 'bling'!

What do you recommend. Should I just disconnect the sensor by fuse or what? I am not looking forward to having the tires dis-mounted and re-mounted to put on sensors.:damn: :damn: :damn: :damn:
Campfamily said:
Some around here have said that the light will eventually go off, and only reappears once in a while. Other than that, I don't know of a solution.

I appreciate it. I will be checking for a solution... and hoping it turns off in the mean time!
Mizike said:
after i put my rims on last night the light went off after like 15 mins of driving and it never went away even after turing off the car. I ended up going to the dealer today and reprogramed the TPS since they were used.
My light does turn off when I turn off the ignition. But as soon as I turn it on, there is the light. I am going to just live with it since I did not put sensors on my new rims.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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