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Angel Eyes - beam pattern

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Here's a thread about the beam pattern of the Projector Lenses on the Angel Eye lights. I think these definatley are going on the list of mods to come.

Jason B, can you get these and set up a package deal with Angel Eyes and HID's to match, If you can get the pair down to about $475 you might have your first order.

Angel Eyes beam pattern
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Jaysc said:
Halo Led Projectors work better with HID Kit than with Halogen H1 Bulbs. I owned one set myself, and like the output of the light. These headlights are easy to install your self. I practically paid a body shop to get them installed with a 1000K HID Kit. I paid $150 for installation but did not even adjust them. So I had to get them off and calibrate them myself, so it took me up to 1 hour but happy with the product. I sugest that for those to purchase this type of headlights for a better light ourput, buy a set of HID Kit of 6000K or 8000K for better vision.
10000k bulbs have the least light of all the HID kits. The bigger the number, the less light and more purple.
These also don't have the deflectors the stock headlights do so an HID kit would be very obnoxious and prone to tickets as it is illegal nationally to do this. The purple would make them magnets. I would either do the HID kit or this with silverstars, PIAA or similar bulbs and not HIDs unless you don't care about the couple hundred bucks for each ticket. They do look nice though.
Didn't see them but if they do I wouldn't worry about the HID then. Probably be a nice combo. ;)
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