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Another Box On Wheels For Lunch

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LOL, THIS MORNING SOME PUNK GANGSTER IN A ROLLING BOX (GMC CRAP) WITH UGLY RIMS AND AN EXHAUST GAVE ME RUN. This joker moved from my lange to the number one on a red light, almost hiting me in the rear. I left this loser sucking the exhaust of the ENDURANCE V 8. Although he stayed with me longer than most boxes. HE WAS within three car lengths for about 1/10 of mile, then he ate sh__. He must have had an exhaust and cai. CHAULK UP ANOTHER WIN FOR US!
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Some people dont learn

The GMC guy must havent read anything lately. In my area they (Chevy, Ford, GMC) dont even try anymore. Every once in a while a Hemi will pretend like he wants to go, then I step on the gas a bit (I have duals and a cai) and they back off. It is fun catching someone who isnt aware though.......enjoy!!!
I had a lil rice burner talkin crap next to me at a light this evening. He was in a Civic with coffee can exhausts, I don't know what (if anything) he had under the hood.

SO I pushed my 'Mada into neutral, and shook the ground a few times with the accelerator. He looked over and then stared at the light, just waiting. When it turned, I was first off the line, and in the 9 degree Farenheit air that 5.6 liter produces some wicked horsepower. He never even stood a chance. He backed off as I shoved through 60mph. :bonvoyage

Racing the SUV? No. Putting a punk in a 4-banger in his place? Hale yeah!

I still have a little bit of kid in me!

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