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Another New 06 LE

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Just ordered a new 06 Le with all the options. The dealer had one in stock with the bench seat in the second row but I prefer the buckets with the console. He should have a swap from another dealer in 3 days.

I'll be adding the airraid cold air intake right away.

I have used Borla headers and catback systems on lots of previous rides in the past and will probably do the dual exhaust catback that Borla offers for the Armada. Any opinions on the Borla vs other systems (other than cost differences, I know Borla is almost always more expensive). It seems to be the only dual outlet system I can find.

I'll also be changing over the stock tires for the BFG 285/65/70's when it gets a little colder here in NY.

This site made up my mind to choose the Armada over any other SUV available (under 70,000). ;)
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You made a great choice, You won't regret it. Hope that the site will be a use full tool for you. Regarding the exhaust, I believe that gibson has a dual exhaust system on the market.
Welcome!!! Don't forget to post pics of ur Armada when u get it ;) lol
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