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Another new member from Vancouver, WA

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We bought an '04 Armada in early January of this year. I was looking for an SUV after having driven a Suburban for several years, but then trading down to a passenger car. That didn't last long. I've loved the design of the Armada since first seeing it. I was driving by a Nissan dealer one night and saw them marking $10K off the sticker for their two remaining '04s, so I got one (white SE).

Like so many others, I love this vehicle--I love driving it and I love the way it looks--but I've had a number of squeaks, rattles and minor problems to deal with. And I just noticed today that the V8 emblem is now gone. Not sure what happened to it, but I bet I lost it at the car wash. They give me the spoiler warning every time, but no one said anything about the emblem! Anyway, I always tell them that if the spoiler comes off, it won't be their problem, it will be the dealer's (big) problem.

Like the other new member from Vancouver, I'd like some feedback on after-market customization. I'm especially interested in fog lights (my Armada didn't have the ones from the factory).
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Welcome, Jeb!

We've got a lot in common..I traded in my Tahoe on a white Armada SE, early build. Tons of issues with regards to final finish, but I (like you) also really enjoy the beast.

You can get the fog lamp kit and pop it right in- you will have the harnesses and the kit comes with the new stalk. I can't believe Nissan didn't include the freakin' fog lamps with the SE's. What an oversight! Oh well...

Not to get off topic, but what's the deal with the carwash thing? I only go through the touchless kind, and I can't imagine those things doing anything.

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