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Antenna location

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Just picked up my 06 in Granite. I have both navigation and factory Sirius.

The Sirius is not working. I can see an antenna on the roof on the drivers side front. Is that the Sirius antenna or the navigation antenna. One antenna or the other is either missing or located in a place that I can not see. I believe that the radio functions that put you into satellite mode changed from 05. I get an Antenna message instead of Sirius where I expect it to be. Maybe the message is looking for an antenna that is not there although the Sirius module is installed.

I'll be bringing it back to the dealer within a few days to have the Borla exhaust (dual tip) and Volant CAI installed. (I know I should just install them myself but I've got more money than time right now).

Also ordered a 39 piece real wood trim kit in medium burlwood (will do that install myself).

Thanks for any help. :rrg:
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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