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Anticipation jitters

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Hello All!
I feel privileged to be a member of such a knowledgeable bunch willing to share technical information, “school of hard knocks” solutions and war stories.
Been reading all the post while anxiously awaiting the transporter to deliver my “new” pre-owned 2004 SE Off Road… 4wd, Offroad/tow and all comfort ops except navigation pkg. DW Blue/ Graphite leather interior., 20k miles…
In the mean time, must say reading all the problematic post had me wondering whether I chose wisely,, but hey call me a glutton for punishment, I owned several first run vehicles. (GM and Ford)
Fortunately, with a strong automotive family background and all the TSBs (thanks to you fellow club members) in my back pocket, I undoubtedly will preserver even the most outlandish dealership BS and service writers condescending cocky attitudes.. SoFlaShrek
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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