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Any big lifts out there???? Want to run 35's

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Hey guys...I just put a set of 20x8.5s on 305/50/20 tires. While the ride and drive is mint, I think I would rather change to a set of 325/60/20's that are approximately 35" tall. The question: does anybody make a lift that will clear them???? According to the only lift I can find (2.5"), their lift will only clear 33's. Here's the problem: the truck comes with 33's on it originally...what the heck is the point of lifting 2.5" to only clear the same tires?????

Anybody got this lift and this size tires??? HELP!!!
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The Daystar lift is front only and won't get you to most 35s. It is also flawed. In talking to the titan guys, many have junked it because the struts can over extend and blow out. PRG makes a leveling kit that is billet blocks mounted to the top of the shock towers in front. Doesn't hurt the stock stuff and is easy to install. Similar if not cheaper also. Here's a link to another happy customer. I haven't done it yet but I'm going to raise mine. I'm just waiting for either a true lift or something PRG can dream up. He said that he may be able to cook up a rear lift similar to the front leveling kit to give us an inexpensive lift option front and rear, facilitating 35s. :thumbup:
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