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oharag said:
I read with interest the post concerning A/C issues with Armadas. I currently own an 2005 Xterra, and my A/C is adequate at best. I'm taking it for warranty work, and I'm sure I'll be called a "wacko" by the Service people. I'm going to print out the TSB for the Armada and show it to them. Is it the same issue? I do not know. It was funny to see the thread on this site how Nissan was denying anything was wrong, and then WOW something is wrong and here's a TSB to fix it :)

Again, how is your A/C after the fix was performed?


PS Even though I own an Xterra I find coming here to hear about issues with the Armada helps me put my issues into perspective. I'm sure there are shared componenets between both platforms.

I had the TSB done about 2 weeks ago, and I'm happy with the results. Even with 106 -110 degree weather, it cools down faster and is colder over all.

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