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Any Regrets?

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I'm curious to see how many members set out to buy an Armada, and/or had their eyes on another make/model, or just fell into an Armada for various reasons.
Any regrets thus far?

My intentions was to buy a Tahoe/Yukon ($25,000 after incentives & dealer rebates), but I hated the quality, power, third row, and handling (or lack of) after test-driving. With a new addition to the family, my Accord coupe wouldn't cut it, although my wife bought a new Odyssey (I didn't want to put all the miles on her ride, plus she can't drive :D ) So, in need of more space, I was considering a full size vehicle and was leaning towards the Dodge Magnum RT & the new Maxima. By chance, Nissan was two blocks closer than the Dodge lot. While looking at the Maxima, I caught a glimpse of chrome in the corner of my eye, glistening in the sun. My first thought was, " What the f*ck is that beast!" Test-drove her, and that was all she wrote.
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same story: look at the choices

There is no other choice for the tasks I need to do, therefore no regrets. Here is a copy & paste from a post I made a few weeks ago to a fellow with a decision to make like yours:

If the Armada’s nagging little problems like squeaks and rattles scare you. I suppose you could always buy a Durango and have exciting things happen like wheel assemblies falling off or even maybe a seized engine from over heated oil sludge at 60k miles. Then there always the Expedition blowing out spark plugs from the 5 threads holding them in the heads, I hear that’s fun to watch. Why not a Tahoe and enjoy the rhythm of loud piston slap every morning to wake up by. I suppose you could drive a Sequoia and be thrilled by it comparatively sluggish performance and still have brake problems.

If you tow and want a reliable truck that fits in your garage with full size interior room, there is ONLY one game in town.
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Maybe black? Probably not as it gets dirty too easily. :thumbup:
92TripleBlack said:
Maybe black? Probably not as it gets dirty too easily. :thumbup:
How often do you see another twin (Red Brawn Mada) on the street? I have Smoke in S.CA, and that's what I mostly see.
I don't really have any regrets!!! If I did, I would have to say it would be getting a black one just because of the bling factor with black, tinted widows and all the chrome. I didn't though because of the detailing involved with black. I do love my smoke, but you are correct. That is the color I see most of. I guess I just have to make mine MORE original.

On second thought, my regret is that I wasn't as big of a pain in the ass to the dealer as they are to me now!!
The dealers/svc dept(s) are a joke.

Quick question, do you have to return your Mada to the dealer you bought it from to repair any TSB/warrenty issues?
I do just because you buying it from them is a little leverage. I have been told by my father-in-law (he's a mechanic for Jeep) that you can take it to any dealer for repairs, warranty work or service work. He said that the other dealers appreciate it as they get paid for service work as well as warranty work.
If i could do it over i would keep the Armada and buy the DVD option and waited a few months for a better APR %. I love the Power :cool:
Only regret is not waiting for the 05 to come out. (rattles etc.) Now that I have it I'm very happy with it and would definately regret not getting the NAV.
I think the only regret is that I really wanted the RED BRAWN, but I got the next best thing in the deep water blue. It's a lot of work keeping it clean but it worth it.
I was going to get White, but White is a lot of maintenance. The smoke looks good & hides the dirt well, and since it's a 05 the wheels match. The downside is that everyone loves, and has the smoke!!!!!!!!!!!
No regrets here either. After 6300 trouble free miles, I like this truck more and more. Its bad weather abilities are awesome. It's a little scary how good this vehicle handles snow. I just can't wait until Spring so I can put a few more coats of Zaino on it.
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