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Any Thoughts on this Deal?

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Looking at a 2005 Nissan Armada, any thoughts on this deal:
2005 SE 4x4
Cargo Area Tray
Floor mats/Cargo Mat
SE Leather Package
Micro filter
Rear Splash Guards
Tow Package
Satellite radio

$37,583 before tax
$130.00 Title
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Check out the Pricing for '04s discussion. Some good feedback on hunting for a used Armada and saving some bucks. $37 will get you an '04 LE easy.

$500 under dealer invoice

I just got a quote from Site Sponsor, $500 under invoice, and it looks really good. I was wondering if anyone had heard or dealt with them before. The dealer is Advantage Nissan in WA and i am in Texas. I sent Adam Smith an email asking him to clarify how to do business long distance and what if i have a tradein. Have yet to hear back from him.

'05 LE fully loaded without Sat Radio.
Quoted: $41650.
I just purchased an 04' Armada LE 4wd, fully loaded from Adam Smith at Advantage Nissan aka. New on 10/23/04. I highly recommend Adam for your purchase. He is very knowledgeble and has integrity. He also answers his phone and gets back to you in a timely manner. Let me put it this way... I will purchase another vehicle from Adam in the near future and I can't say that about 95% of the other dealerships I've dealt with in the past.

He found exactly what I was looking for in a matter of minutes. Then he e-mailed me the prices of each option (invoice - $500.00 and msrp), specs (options, build date, arrival date, ect.), and asked me to confirm if it was the vehicle I wanted. He was willing to get me the latest production date possible and I ended up with one that was built in September and had just been delivered to the dealership.

I flew up to Seattle a day later and drove it home to Folsom, CA. that same day. Very simple. Adam said the dealership would put me up in a hotel for the night if I wanted, but I declined.

As far as DMV problems went, I had none. I went into the local CA. DMV the following Monday and had no problems. The only thing I lacked was the Manufacturers Statement of Production ( I think that is what it was called). I informed Adam and he had Judy, the lady that handles title paperwork, send it to me by DHL Express. I received it the next day. I returned to DMV with it and I had my new plates that Tuesday. I have heard of people waiting months for their plates in CA. Sometimes the dealerships even mess up on their registration. If I can get a new vehicle that was purchased out-of-State taken care of that quick in CA., you should have no problem in the great State of Texas. :)

If I may offer a bit of advice on your purchase; Find the thread on this board or the Titan Talk board that lists the current specials on extended warranties by The prices are excellent.

I was given a price of over $1900. for the Gold 60mo./100K mile with $50.00 deductible extended warranty by Fred,the F/I guy that handled my purchase. I thought that was quite high and didn't purchase at that time. Several days later I saw the thread with the internet prices and was able to buy the same warranty for $977.00, from the same dealership. Had I seen the thread before I flew up to purchase, I would have asked for that price during initial purchase.

I would like to add that Fred handled my purchase paperwork smoother than any other dealership I've dealt with before. He was done in about 1/2 hour. He may not have know about the internet pricing. I don't know, but I 'll give him the benefit of doubt since he was a decent guy to deal with.

Feel free to PM or e-mail me if you have any other questions or concerns.

Good luck on your purchase.

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