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Anyone have a Banks Cat-Back System

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My dealer installs the Banks Cat-Back system for the Titan's in the Armada's before they send it off to a local muffler shop that modifies the piping after the muffler to clear the independent rear suspension. Has anyone here done this and how does it sound inside the cabin. Or if you have a Titan and have this exhaust, does it have a lot of Drone in the interior? The manager at the Nissan dealer has done this to his Armada and going to ask him for a test ride so I can listen to the inerior cabin noise due to the muffler before I do the same setup. This won't happen till next week so I just thought maybe someone has already done this and can describe the interior noise levels beforehand.
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Banks had a system out for the Armada but withdrew it from the market for redesign. The system had very bad drone. I don't know when (or if) Banks is going to market the system for the Armada. In my opinion the Gibson 3" single is the best system for the Armada. I have the SS system on my Armada. I got a nice low end gain and increased passing performance on the highway. The system is a little louder when accelerating, but is quite at crusing speeds (70 and above). I have not seen an increase in mileage.
Well....I got to ride in a Banks Cat-Back Armada today at my local dealer. The General Manager at the dealership has a fully loaded 2005 LE 4x4 with a Volant cold air intake mated with the Banks Cat-back which is modified to fit the Armada rear suspension. The service manager told me to wait outside while he got the key's. As he drove up I heard a soft rumble. It sounded nice. He put it in parked and rev'ed it for me a few times and man it came to life with a growl. It was somewhat loud but not obnoxious. I think due to the 5" tip that the system comes with is like a megaphone which the Armada had. A 3" tip will quiet it down some. I hopped in and couldn't even hear it as it idled. We took off at idle and still sounded quiet but you can hear the rumble out side barely with the windows closed. After a left turn onto the main road he punched it. I was amazed at how much more torque I felt compared to my 04 Armada LE which is also 4 wheel drive and has a Dynomax Super Turbo muffler which is their quietest performance muffler. I also have a K&N Drop in filter with a modified airbox. All I can say is that the GM's Armada definately pulled harder. It pulled my head back alright. The sound from that dead stop was somewhat quiet but you can hear the growling outside. It droned in the cabin but not by much till about 1900 RPM. You can hear a drone till just under 3000 RPM in which the drone went away. At cruising speed it's dead quiet. Only under moderate to heavy acceleration or uphill under load you get the drone between 1900 to under 3000 RPM. Did I say that already? :) Well, I'm sold and going to have it installed this week hopefully along with the intake. I'll be using a 3" Chrome tip to quiet it down a little outside. Will take pics when done.
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