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Pictures Of 5 Spok In Chrome

BostonBob said:
I am trying to find pics of an Armada with the SE 5 spoke wheels in chrome. I normally run chrome 20s but Winter is coming and I am considering either the SE 5 spokes in chrome or charcoal. I have seen the charcoal 5 spokes and they look good but would like to see the chrome 5 spokes installed on an Armada. All I can find is the plain wheel pics on ebay. I have the factory 6 spoke LEs but do not care for that look in the silver or the chrome. No offense to anyone. I already posted in buy/sell/trade but if anyone wants to trade silver 6 spoke for charcoal 5 spoke let me know.
You Should go to Ebay. Search"Armada WHeels" You'll see a bunch of gret pices. I agree the chrome would get eaten up by salt for us Notheastern folk
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