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6thsense said:

referring to not cooling at idle when its hot outside.

if youve had it done, does it work better....did your dealer give you any BS?
I got this fix on wednesday of last week and the AC seems alot better; I brought my mada in before the TSB was issued and noone had any idea what I was talking about,but once the tsb was issued and my ac died again at idle AV NISSAN (shameless plug) had no problem fixing it (of course i sat about 15minutes just waiting for it to shut off).

side note: alot of people complain about this truck to the dealers and they reminder me that the surveys are for the service Dept. not the truck and I always tell my agaent, I love my truck and the only thing I care about is getting my problems fixed.... what I trying to say is if you are in it for the long haul quit [email protected]#@ing get to know your agent and let them know what your expectations are with their service and I sure they will be more than helpful.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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