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Anyone having leather front seat problems?

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I have an '04 LE with leather. My front driver seat has been slowly coming undone at the front bottom. The leather has been pulling off the rail and now is all the way off. The dealer said he seen this a few times on Titan/Armada's.

So now the foam is not being supported and everytime I turn a corner, I have to hold on to something so I don't tip over.

Haven't seen any posts about this so I'm curious if anyone else has seen this.

Dealer is replacing the whole seat from rails on up.
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Haven't seen this yet. Mine's got a spring squeek but I have a fat ........ so I kinda expected it. Regardless, I will have the dealer check the squeek and it sounds like your dealer is working it.
Yeah, I saw that. The TSB was for the controls squeeking on the side of the seat. Mine sounds like an old mattress squeek in the springs. Either way, I'll let the dealer sort it out. Fairly easy to demonstrate. Weighing 240 may have something to do with it though. :D
Boy aren't we a bunch of fat azzes? :moon: ;)
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