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Anyone having leather front seat problems?

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I have an '04 LE with leather. My front driver seat has been slowly coming undone at the front bottom. The leather has been pulling off the rail and now is all the way off. The dealer said he seen this a few times on Titan/Armada's.

So now the foam is not being supported and everytime I turn a corner, I have to hold on to something so I don't tip over.

Haven't seen any posts about this so I'm curious if anyone else has seen this.

Dealer is replacing the whole seat from rails on up.
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Yes the 2005 Armada has the same issue. I've had my seat replaced and it again started to creak and squeak after a few thousand miles. The seat track squeaks and a spring the back of the seat near the arm rest joint also squeaks. It also tends to lean in hard turns. I can't tell if it is just the padding moving around or the seat tracks.

This is a full size vehicle, it should handle full size people... obviously the seat manufacturer has not constructed the seats to withstand a lot of weight or abuse.
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