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Arewhite over the surface markings revovable?

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Are white over the surface markings revovable?

Are white over the surface markings removable? I have a green armada and a side in the rear back it has a white marking about 1/4 thick 6 inches long and I would like to remove it. It is over the surface because when you feel it its not carved in. Is there any way to remove this without an expensive method? re painting that part isnt an option im kinda low on monney... Is there any Liquid or anything like that that I can use with out damaging the paint?
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Can you take a picture for us? Do you mean someone scratched it and left a long white mark over the clearcoat? I would also say claybar "claymagic" would and some wax would clean it up. You'll notice it less but it'll still be there depending on how deep the scratch is.
it also gets rid of those little red rusty spots that people are getting from weather fallout or whaver it's called. Claybar is great! It makes your paint all smooth again! :)
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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