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Armada 05 Rear Knocking Sound and Fix

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A few weeks ago, I noticed a knocking sound coming from the rear end.
This is not the common clicking sound. The clicking sound was fixed a couple months prior. The knocking sound primarily happened during slow speeds, between 15-20mph while accelerating or slowing down. The knock was loudest going over bumps or shifting from reverse to drive.
I took the Armada in last week and they kept it for 3 days. On the 3rd day they figured out what the problem was. While driving the Armada back and forth in the shop and having someone walk along side the SUV they concluded that it was a loose rear sway bar. The sway bar nut or bolt or whatever is used to attach the sway bar to the rear was loose and not functioning properly. After they replaced the sway bar, the noise is gone and the Armada now handles and feels tight once a new SUV.
By the way, the Armada was purchased in May 2005.

Take Care.

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I may have to check into this. I have noticed upon acceleration, with my window down that I have a stange creaking noise comming from underneath the vehicle. It's been driving me nuts! Sounds like a creeking leaf spring, except there aren't any leaf springs to make the noise. I guess I will start by checking nuts and bolts on the sway bars. Thanks for sharing. :)
Thanks for the advice Andy, I will have to look up the TSB. I have to take it back to the dealer anyway. My only real problem is that everytime they try to fix something they screw smething else up in the process. :mad:
andy said:
No kidding. The first time I brought it in, they scratched up my hood. It looks like they used my hood for a table.
I took the Mada in for the cabin boom TSB, the got grease on my headliner, epoxy on 2nd row leather, and in carpet under 2nd row seats, then scratched rear interior plastic panel. They tried to remove grease with carpet cleaner, only moderately successfull. Couldn't get glue out of leather, having to order new seat. Ordered new plastic panel, went in for install, and they cracked the panel underneath it, where interior cargo hooks mount, and destroyed panel in the opposite side of the rear. Then after all that they tried to say that they didn't do any of the damage. :mad:
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