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jjwhelan said:
I live in the Baltimore / Wash DC area and I am actively looking for a full size SUV. To date the Armada seems to have everything I am looking for, good looks, loads of room, great tech package, etc. However, I have been reading in the Edmunds forums that there are some serious brake and fit and finish problems with the Armada. Are these being overblown? Am I just hearing the whiners? What do you guys think?

If I decide to go with Armada, has anyone dealt with an especially good dealer between Baltimore and DC?
2004 problems. No more fit, finish, rattle, etc. All fixed. Also, now we have available backup camera and new brakes on the way. I looked heavily at: H2, Yukon Denali XL, Escalade, Navigator, Sequoia, and some pickups. Test drives, pricing, fit and finish, etc. The Armada fits me because: Sequoia isn't full size. My '95 Grand Cherokee had the same tow rating. GM stuff wasn't built as well, cost more, slower, and except for the Yukon, I didn't care for the looks. H2 was too small interior wise. Ford was a dog and cost more. Nissan was the fastest in the class, towed as much as any others, most ground clearance, and I like the interior. Saved a few bucks to boot and now I can kick the tails of all the above, and my buddies BMW 325 also. ;)
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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