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Armada Parking in multi story parking structures

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I am a prospective Armada buyer and was wondering if any one of you Armada owners had problems in parking in multi story parking structures. I am specially concerned about vertical height clearance. thanks
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Sort of funny thing

When I was buying my Armada, the dealer stored all the Armadas and Titans in a separate mulitlevel garage. When I got there, there was a brand new Titan wedged under a concrete over hang. The guy had just bought the Titan and totalled the whole top of it on the way out to go home. (How they got it in???)

By the way, the Titan looked higher than stock. It had somekind of lift and bigger wheels. 4X4

When I drove the Armada out, I had 2 people standing in front and side. I had 4" clearance.

But it stresses me out everytime I have to park in a structure. I think we need about 6'6" of clearance.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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