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My 04' Armada LE has a September 04 build date. I have several problems that need to be addressed. So far I have a little over 2K miles on mine.

I've been waiting two weeks so far for the dealer to get parts for these problems: Fuel gauge stuck on Full, needs sender; Cabin Booming noise; Ceiling mount DVD monitor shake.

When I go in to have the above mentioned fixed I will tell them about the following: Drivers Seat bottom cushion leans to left; rattling noise in drivers door; drivers door mirror shakes too much.

I think that for 40K the interior should be of a higher quality and way tighter.

The fuel gauge would drop from full by 1/4 after I drove 30 miles when brand new. At about 900 - 1K miles it just stayed on full. I have a feeling a lot of the senders are going bad or will go bad from what I've been reading.

It was difficult for me to check fuel mileage when new, since the tank never quite filled up consistently. Then my gauge went bad. So It's been kind of a guessing game as to when I should fill up. I still don't know what kind of mileage I'm getting. The trip computer is messed up because of the fuel gauge sender. But, I do believe the mileage ratings shown on the window stickers have been misrepresented somewhat on these vehicles. I could be wrong , but it seem that way.

As for the drivetrain. I love it. I haven't had any problems and it's smooth as silk. Lot's of usable power and it just sounds so darn good. So far on a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give the interior fit, finish and layout a 5. The drivetrain in my humble opinion gets a 9 so far.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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