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I use zaino and will never use anything else. I decided to try it after reading a ton of user recomendations on another site. Now I'm recommending it to anyone who listens. It pricey...about $90 for the starter kit.....I would get everything in the kit except the Z5 unless you have a car with swirl marks you can use it on. The stuff is so easy to put on and wipe off. My smoke paint looks like it has a 1/16" clear coat on it. I love it and think its definately worth the price. There is probably other similiar products cheaper but I haven't tried any. The stuff is not a wax but a polish with uv protectant and it last a long time. You can almost just rinse it off at wash time since nothing seems to stick to it. It's almost like rain-x for paint.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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