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Autolock feature on Armada - problems

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Does anyone know if we have an autolock feature when we put the beast in drive. I swear I set the Settings for autolock for 1 minute but nothing happens. I called the dealer and they want me to bring my SUV in. Does anyone know if I am doing the settings incorrectly?
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92TripleBlack said:
No such animal. Doesn't exist, at least in '04 and '05. Personally, I'm glad. I hate autolocks. PITA as you continually need to unlock them if you stop to let someone in/out, etc. As for undesirables, that's what my 40 cal is for. ;) You could buy an aftermarket module to do this if you really wanted too.
I'd say your .40 qualifies as your "aftermarket module" :rolleyes:
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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