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Please forgive a Noob's ignorance. But I do not see a picture on the first post.

Also, Can you guys answer some questions. I have an 05 Pathfinder and I really want to do some of this, but I cannot find that AV switcher you are talking about anywhere. is a site for electronic dead bolts.

1.) What is this AVSwitcher and Where can I get it
2.) What are the features? I hear it can provide multiple Video sources to multiple monitors. I.E- If I want to control my NAV and play DVD on back monitor(s). This is possible right?
3.) Are any controls lost? Like my nav controls, or AC Controls.
4.) How is video switching accomplished. Do I have to reach under the seat? Can I control Video Switching through the NAV Console?
5.) How difficult was it to install?
6.) What's the deal with the 1 and 2 and the Dog in R1cky's pictures. Is this always on the screens?


1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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